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Washington Trip Report '07

Summer '07 is on, and we are now in Washington continuing to look for the most classic class III - V runs for the River Gypsies' Guide to North America. Here's a report from the rainy Northwest, where summer is finally here!

Boating in the Hood, Round 3 & team Pyranha trip.
Next we headed to Hood River to catch the Green Truss before it ran out. Apparently, we were too late--it was really low! We ran it anyway with our good friends, Austin Rathman, Christie Glissmeyer, and Johnathan Shanin.

Johnathan Shanin showing his creeking skills from coast to coast.

Andria getting redemption at Big Brother. No cave time on this run!

Christie Glissmeyer showing us how its done at Big Brother. Note the flying ponytail.

Austin Rathman boofin Little Brother.

We headed back to the Ohanny for some more runs and ran into the Team Pyranha van with Jared Seiler, Dave Fusilli, and Graham Seiler. We ran some more laps on the Ohanny with them at lower water and they explored the left line at the falls:
Leland trying the left line after the boys probed it.

We all then headed over for a run on the Cooper on the way to Leavenworth. We had a fun evening play run in Recoils and Ammos and then watched the sun set from the roof of our van:

Summer fun!!

The next morning as we were standing around drinking coffee and eating breakfast, we marveled at the black storm clouds and windy conditions and wondered what that strange crackling noise was. Leland exclaimed, "Its a blowdown!" Our hearts sank as we realized we were standing in the path of straight line winds that were ripping up trees from their roots and flinging them around. Luck was on our side--we were spared for some reason, but the Porta-John that we had been using all morning didn't fare so well:

Shaken from our morning near death experience, we headed up to Leavenworth to do some creekin on Icicle Creek to calm our nerves. We soothed ourselves over the next couple of days with multiple Icicle runs.

John and Pat in a high water Ricochet run.

Michelle going for the Plunge!

It seems some of the boys needed another near death experience and ran Tumwater Canyon at a pretty stout level. Check soon on the Team Pyranha Site for photos from that.

Now the heat is up and the water is down here in Washington and we are contemplating our next moves--the Olympic Peninsula and British Columbia.