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Washington Trip Report '07

Summer '07 is on, and we are now in Washington continuing to look for the most classic class III - V runs for the River Gypsies' Guide to North America. Here's a report from the rainy Northwest, where summer is finally here!

Bring on Summer!
Wow, the weather got warm just as all of the Washington locals predicted, on the fourth of July, and we went on a boating frenzy! We started our boating frenzy with the Leland and Andria extravaganza on the Top Tye. We loved this run so much that we camped out there and ran it every day just the two of us, jogging our shuttle. We also spent our time trying to find and fight our way into the awesome creek runs, Silver Creek and the North Fork of the Skykomish. The floods last fall washed out the road and it's impossible to get in there. We tried everything we could and failed to find a route or get a key to the locked gate blocking us from the goods inside. We gave up and went to the Skykomish River where I did a play session one day and then we did a Tye/Sky duo the next day.

Andria surfing "the wave" on the Skykomish.

Then we headed down to Mount Rainier where we hoped the hot sun would unleash the last little bit of fluid from the mountains into the Clear Fork of the Cowlitz, and if it didn't we could boat the Ohanepecosh.

When we arrived, we found a bony low Clear Fork, so we decided to pass on that and do the "Ohanny" at a good level. We even got to boat it with some locals and legends--Jeff Robinson, Paul Heffernan, Joey Baransky, Jed Weingarten, and Chris Clark. These guys did an awesome job showing us the good lines down the creek. For a full day adventure, we put in up top which was choked with wood from the floods last fall. We began with this epically scary log walk:

As you walk across this logjam, don't look down--the river gushes underneath into certain death--class V walking!

Jeff Robinson boofing after a portage in upper gorge of Ohanny.

Local legends boofing through the mysteriously gorgeous Ohanny.

Paul Heffernan stying the falls on the Ohanny.

Andria at the rapid after the falls.