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Washington Lap

>In July this year a crew of friends joined us in Washington for a flurry of boating on some of our favorite runs in the Northwest. Here's round 2 of Leland's update.

Box Drop Down
The next morning we woke fresh and well rested, and decided to put on for a run from Box Drop down. This section of the Tye starts right at the base of Log Choke Falls, and runs through the best section of rapids on the run with no mandatory portages. Box Drop is an intense place to start, requiring a peel out of a wood-choked sieve-backed eddy right at the base of Log Choke.

The put in.
Doug Benton photo.

Andria peeling out.

Me on the ramp.
Doug Benton photo.

Air time for Newton.

Doug cleared for takeoff.

Geoff going huge.

Alex stomping it.

Continuing downstream we ran through loads of fun sections before reaching the other big one - Paranoia. Paranoia is a stout drop to start with, combining a tricky curling entrance with a boof over a sticky hole. This year there's a log in the right side of the hole, which is where the water pushes. Most of the group opted out due to the wood, but I decided to have a go at it.

Paranoia entrance.
Doug Benton photo.

Paranoia boof.
Doug Benton photo.

Due to the difficulty of getting around in the woods at the rest of the rapids, we got very few photos but lotsa smiles in there! All in all, it was a great Tye run.

Alex in Stairway to Heaven.
Doug Benton photo.

After a great run, more hard work on the beer tree.
Andria photo.

We got a couple more fun runs in the area and a few more days with the crew before they had to head home, tired and stoked from a week of Washington creeking. It was great getting to paddle with that crew! Tired from going hard, Andria and I decided to have a few days off before heading to Hood River, where Little White was still running at a great level. That update is coming soon!