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Washington Lap

>In July this year a crew of friends joined us in Washington for a flurry of boating on some of our favorite runs in the Northwest. Here's round 2 of Leland's update.

Tye One On
After our second day on the Cooper, we headed over into the Wenatchee drainage to camp out and see what was going on there. While the rest of the group was showering at the state park the next morning, Newton and I drove over the pass to check the gauge on the Tye - having a feeling that it should be dropping in any time now. We weren't disappointed - the level was on the low end of medium and dropping fast, meaning we had only a couple more days in which to catch this run. We made haste back over to collect the rest of the crew, and arrived at the Deception Falls put-in in the afternoon for a run. Everybody was a bit weary, but fired up to get on this Cascades classic.

We decided to put in at Monkey Cage - a 2 stage boxed in waterfall with a big hole. It's intimidating, but had always boated clean for me in the past, although I had never run it this low. I lined up to go first in order to set safety below, since the pool below Monkey Cage leads into Crack in the Earth - a class V+ drop into a chasm with horrible holes that is also currently jammed with wood. Things were looking good as I dropped in, but my run wound up with a bit of an unhappy ending.

Looking good at the lip.
Doug Benton photo.

Still looking good in the middle.
Doug Benton photo.

Corkscrew backender out of the hole onto a submerged rock. Ouch!
Doug Benton photo.

After that I tried a roll, but was smashed head-first into the right wall as I rolled up. I set up and tried again and actually rolled, but immediately caught my upstream edge and flipped and hit my head on the wall again. Time to get out. I swam to shore and my boat fortunately eddied out above Crack in the Earth, and Alex ran down and found my paddle below the next rapid. I felt like I had been hit in the head with a baseball bat 3 times, and had a bit of an impact on my upper cheek where the helmet rim hit me. All in all, the coverage on my new T-dub saved my life right there, but I was a bit worse for wear. Everyone else had lost enthusiasm for running Monkey Cage after seeing my less than inspiring line, so we decided to take out (we were camped just downstream) and wait until the next day to start fresh. We quickly began work on constructing a beer tree.

Beer tree beginnings/Tye aftermath.
Doug Benton photo.

I just keep getting prettier.

The camping at the Tye was fantastic - a great place to hang out.
Andria photo.

Andria photo.

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