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Washington Lap

In July this year a crew of friends joined us in Washington for a flurry of boating on some of our favorite runs in the Northwest. Here are some photos and a brief write-up by Leland from our adventures.

On the Ground and in the Water!
Everybody arrived on Friday and Saturday, and by the afternoon on Saturday we were up in the mountains, suited up and ready to do some creeking on Fall in the Wall. Fall in the Wall is a super sweet little 1/4 mile section of the South Fork of the Snoqualmie dropping at over 300 feet per mile, so it's a great wake-up call!

Jen Watson in the midst of the Fearsome Foursome.

Newton Tilson finishing off the meat of 0,1,2,and 3 of the foursome.

The run has about 10-12 drops all in a tight little gorge. The finale is the Green Room - a slide with potential for deep melt downs!

The ladies above the Green Room.
Doug Benton Photo.

Anne Connolly in the Green Room.
Doug Benton Photo.

Green Room from the shuttle walk.
Andria Photo.

Finishing off a lap.
Doug Benton Photo.

Andria walking back up for another!

After warming up with laps on FITW on Saturday and again on Sunday, we headed to the East slope to hit the classic Cooper River run.

Click to see the next part - more creeking on the Cooper!