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Washington Bound

Our final morning at the Lochsa, we awoke in a sweet campsite parallel parked between two trees by the river, and turned the key to find that the van would not start. We suddenly had visions of what it would take to get a tow truck out to the middle of nowhere on the Lochsa, and to get our van out from between the trees on the slope we had parked it on. Eventually we managed to start the generator and get enough juice to start the motor, but it meant a day would be spent on our favorite - van repair. We needed new batteries since our off-roading breaks standard car batteries apart and causes them to stop holding a charge. We found some dry cell batteries that would work, and I spent a couple of hours under the van trying to change them out. The second hour I had help from a really nice guy from the diesel repair shop adjoining the auto parts store, and it was all we could do to get the final battery replaced.

Getting dirty under the van.

After that we drove out into the deserts of eastern Washgington, finding an RV park to spend the night in.

There is a whole lot of nothing around the Tucannon River RV Park.

Checking the map the next morning, we realized that Palouse Falls - the recent world record waterfall run by Tyler Bradt - was only a few miles away. Of course we decided to have a look.

The countryside around Palouse Falls - weird place for a monster drop.

The canyon downstream of the falls.

The falls - it's a monster.

That afternoon we rolled up to the Cooper to find our buddies Mike and Mike there with some other folks, and we got a great run in. Unfortunately, we didn't get any Cooper pics from that day or the next, although the first ever RiverGypsies impromptu Cooper River extreme race was super fun for all involved, with loads of paddlers competing to see who could have the most fun on the drops and slides of the Cooper.

Pyranha designs old and new domiated at the first annual RiverGypsies Cooper River Extreme Race.

After that we headed over to the Tye, where we were joined by our friend Chris Harjes for some runs on this favorite of ours. We got a couple of pics of him on the Tye.

Harjes at Box Drop.

Harjes running Paranoia.

After our second day of Tye runs with Chris, we drove over the hill and met up with our friend John Fuqua for a run on his local creek - Icicle. John is going to be a daddy any day now, so his lady Michelle was not able to join us for our run this year. It was still great to get on the water with John, and to have him give Chris the insider tour of Icicle.

Leland in the top part of the biggest rapid - Ricochet.
My annual sinus/ear infection got the best of me here and I took out for the rest of the run.

John heading down the bottom part of Ricochet at a juicy flow.

Challenging lighting, but a cool frame of John in one of the lower rapids.

Harjes boofing the final "Plunge."

Now we're taking a day to catch up on work and to find me some anti-biotics so that I can get well and get back into the vacation groove.