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Middle Fork of the Salmon

Impassable Canyon
In the final stretch of the Middle Fork, huge walls soar above the river, and the flow necks down into some really big features. There are also several major tributaries in this stretch, with bolster the flow to make for some excellent whitewater.

Campsite the final night at Ship Island in the canyon.

The biggest water on the run is found in Rubber Rapid on the last day. Hudson took a swim here at a similar level last time we ran the Middle Fork, when the boat he was on took a big flip. Although I was a bit nervous, the big water on the last day was SUPER fun! It's hard to capture the scale in photos, but here is a sequence of me at Rubber that gives some idea.

Me and Hudson in the Rubber wave train.

The next frame - where did our raft go??

Cresting over the next giant wave.

Me and the Hud in the runout.

The whole crew heading downstream.

After a few more miles of fun big water, the Middle Fork joins the Main Salmon, doubling the flow for the last few miles along the road to the takeout at Cache Bar.

Breaking it all down and saying our goodbyes. What a great 8 days on the water!!!

Big thanks to Jen and Jesse for the invite on the Middle Fork, and to the whole group for a first class river trip!

Andria and I spent a couple of days getting everything cleaned up and reorganized after the Middle Fork, and headed back over to the Lochsa for some fun there. Unfortunately, cold and rain moved in and we decided to bag that and head south to warmer climes in the Payette drainage. We got a great sunny run on the South Fork Payette Canyon.

Andria having fun on the South Payette.

That night the rain moved in down there as well, and snow was in the forecast for most of Idaho. Since we were going to be in the rain and cold anyway, we decided to check out Oregon, where the epic snowpack and late rains meant that things were running that usually run from December through April.

Driving across the desert to Oregon.

Stay tuned for our next update - Oregon and Washington short session!