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Mexico Creeking ClinicsTrip Report - December 2007

In December of 2007, we branched out our creeking clinics to include 2 week-long classes on the warm rivers and waterfalls of San Luis Potosi state in Mexico. Forming a partnership with the brand new Huasteca Secreta resorts, we headed south of the border for a couple of weeks of boofing, waterfalling, eating and sight-seeing.

After our side trip to Tamul, it was back to waterfalls. Here are the shots from the main attraction - the Salto. This run was right at the resort, meaning the two days that we ran this one on each clinic were easy days logistically. The short shuttle also meant a nice ride up to the top in the USV, and a takeout at the bar overlooking the 100+ foot Salto del Meco.

The Salto starts and ends with a bang - it's a few miles of 3-8 foot ledges with 20 footers at the start and finish.

Group 2 scouting the first 20 footer - Luminosa.
Photo by Andria.

Leland dropping Luminosa.
Photo by Peter Spear.

Andria's turn.
Photo by Leland.

Kemper Begly showing some style.
Photo by Leland.

Wesley Bradley at Luminosa.
Photo by Tobin Doyle.

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