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Mexico Creeking ClinicsTrip Report - December 2007

In December of 2007, we branched out our creeking clinics to include 2 week-long classes on the warm rivers and waterfalls of San Luis Potosi state in Mexico. Forming a partnership with the brand new Huasteca Secreta resorts, we headed south of the border for a couple of weeks of boofing, waterfalling, eating and sight-seeing.

So there we were in Mexico, running waterfalls, honing our skills, and generally spending our days as slaves to gradient. Before we get back to more gratuitous waterfall shots, we will share with you a little bit more about the rest of our time and some of the amazing places we saw - and the off river training that we did down there.

An important aspect of proper waterfalling is being able to break the surface tension of the water when you land. The laws of physics dictate that force = mass x acceleration. So if you want to hit the water with more force, you're going to need more mass. To that end, we did a lot of intense eating on this trip. In fact, the line got a little bit blurry as to whether this was a kayaking trip where we ate great food, or an eating trip where we did a bit of kayaking. Huasteca Secreta's food was absolutely first rate!

Crew 1 after a satisfying complete dinner -
soup, salad, dinner, desert - the works!
Photo by Borja.

Leland's favorite - the roast duck in port wine sauce.
Photo by Wesley Bradley.

In the mornings, in order to get everything moving again, Andria taught some yoga to those who wanted it on the porch of one of the bungalos looking out on the river.

Group 2 doing some morning yoga.
Stay loose for the day's boating!

We did take one day off of paddling while we were down there - traveling to spend a night at the resort site at Cascada de Tamul - one of the great wonders of the world. Tamul is a 300 foot waterfall where the Gallinas river pours off a canyon wall into the Santa Maria River below. We stopped in the nearest large city - Cd. Valles - for a bite to eat along the way.

Lunch at Buzios in Cd. Valles -
great seafood and a live Huasteca band!
Photo by ?Kemper's camera, but he's in the picture?

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