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Mexico Creeking ClinicsTrip Report - December 2007

In December of 2007, we branched out our creeking clinics to include 2 week-long classes on the warm rivers and waterfalls of San Luis Potosi state in Mexico. Forming a partnership with the brand new Huasteca Secreta resorts, we headed south of the border for a couple of weeks of boofing, waterfalling, eating and sight-seeing.

Juani (the younger) paddled along with us on 2 Micos runs. These were his 3rd and 4th days kayaking *EVER* (his first and second were Ojo Frio and Micos), and he did a great job. Once he gets a roll, he's going to be unstoppable! As it was he did a great job of waiting for eskimo rescues and kept his swims to a minimum, and he stuck several nice boofs as well.

Juani sliding down drop 4.
Photo by Claudia Schwab.

Drop number 5 is the big one - a long slide into a 12-15 foot vertical drop. Here are some nice lines:

John Harvey airing out #5.
Photo by Claudia Schwab.

John "Neil Armstrong" Pillitteri taking one small stroke.

Tracy Hancock getting ready to plug it in.

Dan Thomas shows us the kind of line that 8 cups of coffee and 2 Red Bulls will give you.

Ricardo Lugo show us some Mexican style.
Photo by Matt Hearst.

Peter Spear with picture perfect waterfall form.
Photo by Claudia Schwab.

Claudia Schwab (author of WWSWBC) dislocated her shoulder a couple weeks before the trip, but came along with us on the Micos without a boat and took a ton of great photos,
jumping over the drops and swimming the pools.
Photo by Peter Spear?

The view back up all of the gradient at the end of the run is pretty impressive.
Photo by Claudia Schwab.

and of course there is food at the takeout, and the bar is always open....
Photo by Andria.

Stay Tuned for Mexico Creeking Clinics 2007 Update 2 - Tamul and El Salto!