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Mexico Creeking ClinicsTrip Report - December 2007

In December of 2007, we branched out our creeking clinics to include 2 week-long classes on the warm rivers and waterfalls of San Luis Potosi state in Mexico. Forming a partnership with the brand new Huasteca Secreta resorts, we headed south of the border for a couple of weeks of boofing, waterfalling, eating and sight-seeing.

Located about 75 minutes drive downstream from the HS resort at El Salto, the Cascadas Micos section of the Rio Valles is the perfect place to run your first waterfall. And your second, third, fourth....

We worked on boofing on some of the drops, and spotting our landing and body position on the others, depending on the height and configuration of the drop. Everybody did a really nice job out here - each clinic spent the second and fifth days on the Micos. The scenery there is also fantastic!

Group 1 practicing their Oregon tucks in the pool at the putin.
Photo by Andria.

Group 2 getting fired up for a Micos run.
Photo by Andria.

Drop number one is a 15 footer - perfect for practicing waterfall technique!

Tobin Doyle dropping number 1.

Lisa Sewell tucking it in.
Photo by Claudia Schwab.

Aaron Weilerstein styling drop 1.

Another nice feature of drop 1 is the stairs,
making it pretty easy to walk back up and try it again.

Group 1 goofing off on drop 1.

Drop #2 is great for practicing boofing drops with rolling lips.

Group 1 scouting drop 2.
Photo by Andria.

Matt Hearst shows us how it's done.
Photo by Claudia Schwab.

Karen Heron dropping into #3.
Photo by Claudia Schwab.

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