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Mexico Trip Report '06/'07

Our most recent trip to research for "The River Gypsies' Guide to North America" took us south of the border to Mexico. We decided at the last possible minute that a trip down there was needed, since Mexico is a North American paddling destination with plenty of whitewater. We decided to explore the Eastern Slope - the Sierra Madre Oriental - in the states of San Luis Potosi and Veracruz. Here's the report:

We ate and slept well at Adventurec again and then headed out the next day. We wanted to see some ruins while we were in Mexico, so we headed over to Tajin on our way back up to San Luis Potosi (where the Salto and Micos are). The ruins were amazing. It was so cool to look around and think about all that happened there on that ground thousands of years ago.

The weather was so hot--the hottest it had been on the trip! It felt awesome and I soaked it in knowing that I would be returning to North Carolina in January, and it would be a long time unil I felt warm sun on my skin again. As we headed north, the hot gave way to cool rain. When we reached San Luis Potosi, we camped at Grant Amaral's place in a very cold rain. The next morning, we awoke to temperatures in the 40's and a misty rain, only to find out some Canadians had just arrived. They brought the cold front with them! Just kidding, but it was so cold they didn't even want to go boating. They bucked up anyway, but we decided to head towards home. (we are wimpy Southerners!) It got colder and colder. When we reached Texas and stayed in a hotel, we were in the midst of a huge sleet storm making its way across the country bringing with it the first frigid temperatures of the season for much of the country. We came home to a cold dry place with only memories of the warm humid Mexican paddling adventure.