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El Salto

The next morning it was time to make our way down the hill and take the boat ride across the Gallinas to head toward more whitewater.

Crossing the Gallinas.

We hit Buzios for a nice lunch after a day on the Micos, and then headed to the Salto for the last two nights.

Waking up to the view of the river from the bungalow, with breakfast all laid out.
Photo by Dave Elliott.

Looking back up at the bungalow porch.
Photo by Dave Elliott.

Gearing up for the Salto.

Tony at Luminosa.

Michele Gasper at Luminosa.

Peter Spear at Luminosa.

If you're not wanting the big ride at Luminosa, there's a sweet alternate line that Dave Adams shows us here.

Lunch is served just downstream of the takeout, overlooking the 100+ foot Salto del Meco. Salmon on the first trip, garlic shrimp on the second. Life is rough....

You can also walk back up Luminosa for multiples if you like,
which some people did on the final day.

Andria at Luminosa.

Scott MacKenzie at Luminosa.

After our second day on the Salto, it was time to have the final pool party, roasted duck dinner, and say goodbye to Mexico and all of the friends that we spent our two weeks with down there. We did have a few adventures on the way home, though...

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