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Sunny Day at Tamul

We almost made it to Tamul for the sunset, but missed by a few minutes and had to settle for greeting the view in the morning. This time Andria and I got treated to staying in an upstairs bungalow room.

The upstairs rooms are beautiful.

Breakfast with the sun trying to peek through.

Once the sun came all the way out, the rainbow at the falls was amazing!

The swimming pool had been finished and filled the day before, so we decided we'd better give it a test drive.

The water was nice, but the view was a bit of a letdown.

Everybody was stoked when Tony showed up.

After a lengthy pool session, some of the group followed Carlos on a daring expedition to the lip of the falls.

Tony, Dave A., and Carlos on the way to the falls.

Tony taking it to the edge.

Two pots of gold must be down there somewhere, but it's not worth jumping.

Some of the crew also made their way down the trail from the resort to the Santa Maria.
Photo by Dave Elliott.

Peter coming out of the jungle onto the riverside rocks with the resort high above.
Photo by Dave Elliott.

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