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A day at Tamul

After the Micos, we made the long voyage on back roads, across rivers, and up the mountain to the resort overlooking the Rio Santa Maria canyon and the Cascada de Tamul - where the Rio Gallinas pours over the canyon rim into the Santa Maria. We awoke the following morning in paradise, and spent a day off from paddling relaxing and exploring this amazing location. The resort at Tamul is perched on the cliff walls and is in the middle of the wilderness with no electricity, meaning it's all nature and candlelight for our days out there. There are no lights and buildings as far as you can see, with parrots flying overhead and a feeling of total seclusion. If this was in the US, it would be a national park.

The morning view of the shrouded lounger on the porch of our bungalow.

The Santa Maria seen from the resort.

Leland and David enjoying the morning on the porch of bungalow 2.
The beers are Andria's from the night before, not Leland's breakfast.

The deck for the restaurant was ready this year, so we were able to enjoy our breakfast up there.

The view of Cascada de Tamul from the breakfast table is not too shabby either.

That's Hector on the left - our driver, waiter, bartender, and general all around good guy.
Carlos is on the right, he's the adventure guide for the Tamul resort and can take you to all kinds of cool places once he finds his keys.

After a fantastic day off at Tamul, we had to leave and head back to the rivers, stopping off for another great day of waterfalls and sunshine on the Micos.

Codi Tripp rolling off number one on the Micos.

That night we ended up at the resort at El Salto, ready for some more waterfalls, scenery, and fantastic lodging and cuisine.

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