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East Coast Fall Color Creekin'

This fall our Rivergypsies' travels took us up and down the east coast shooting more photos for the upcoming book. What started out as a Gauley/Moose week turned into a lot more as the rains fell. Check out the report and photos:

Drysuit Time

After wrapping up our Gauley Season, we stopped over for a day and did some filming at Summersville Lake for our upcoming Yoga for Climbers DVD. We had another day of excellent warm weather to work with, and found a cool spot right at the base of a crag to shoot the yoga.

Andria showing off a climber version of Tree Pose.

On the way north we stopped off at PS Composites to have some work done on our squirt boats. It was great seeing Paul and Mary Kay, and super cool watching the best boat builder in the business go after it in his workshop. We were having a little extra foot room put into Andria's Shredfoot, and also getting Paul to resurrect my first squirt boat - a 17 year old low cut Vulcan. Can't wait to paddle that old friend again - it's been a bit neglected since Paul built me a sweet Shred back in 2000.

Our next stop was in Burlington, Vermont to visit my buddy Trip and his wife Meg. Trip and I had a lot of our early paddling adventures together, and were looking forward to hitting the Moose on the weekend. While we were in Burlington the rains came, though - so we got in a little bit of Vermont creeking on their local creek run - the Middlebury Gorge. The Middlebury is one of the prettiest places I've ever paddled - a really beautiful little super tight steep creek about an hour from Burlington. At its narrowest and steepest point, the gorge walls almost touch overhead, and there is a cool little waterfall in there too. Scouting is difficult at best, and not possible in most places. Forget about portaging - once you're in, you're in. Don't go at high water until you've done it enough to know what to expect. It's like a little piece of BC that got lost and wound up in the Northeast.

Trip sent us on the safer melt-down line on the big drop. This is me.
Photo by Trip Kinney.

Here I am heading into the tightest part of the gorge.
Photo by Trip Kinney.

We took off the Middlebury and raced over to Old Forge, NY for Moose Fest, arriving just in time to get rowdy at the pre-festival bar crawl Pyranha party on Friday night. Saturday found us getting a slow start to the river, where Andria tried out the new Ammo (full review and photos coming soon) and I paddled the Recoil again. We met up with NY local hero and fellow Pyranha paddler Tom Vickery - who showed us some great lines on the Moose.

Andria boofing it up at Knife's Edge in the Ammo.

Tom Vickery sailing off Agers Falls.

It was a snowy Moose Fest that night, with a couple of inches dropping (if not sticking) while the fest was warming up. We woke for a chilly morning paddle on Sunday before heading for home - a great year on the road behind us. Now we're looking forward to doing some home-town paddling here in WNC, hitting all of the runs that we've missed while traveling this year. We'll also be catching up on some work, and laying down the plans for next year. We hope to see you out on the water!