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Canyon Creeks

Having fled the rain and coming snow in Idaho (they got 3 more feet in the mountains), we headed to Oregon to check out some creeks that usually only run during winter. We hit both Canyon Creek Oregon and Canyon Creek Washington, and also went to the wedding of our friends Allen and Jess near Hood River.

East Fork of the Lewis
After a good bit of confusion and hours of driving in circles, Trip, Andria, and I met Allen and Jess for an afternoon low-water run on the East Fork. Although it was low the waterfalls at the top and bottom were still super fun, and the little gorge in the middle packed a punch as well. Andria sat this one out since she's been fighting a chest infection for the last couple of weeks, so Trip and I accompanied Allen and Jess on their "honeymoon huck," with Trip shooting some nice photos to remember it by.

Allen at Sunset Falls.

Allen at Dragon's Back.

Jess at Horseshoe Falls.

Leland at Horseshoe.

We wish Allen and Jess the best of luck in their lives together - it was great to be there for their celebration!

Andria has now got some anti-biotics and is sipping on a codeine cough syrup cocktail, so stay tuned for more reports as she gets well and the snow continues to melt in the West!