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California Trip Report '07

Summer '07 is game-time for researching the River Gypsies' Guide - our first stop is California to check out some Sierra classics. Here's the report:

SuperDink Redemption
After wrapping up the North Fork American drainage, we decided to jet south to have another try at cathcing the Infinislide on the SuperDink section of Dinkey Creek. The water had come way down since our first misadventure up there, but we wanted to get on it even if it was low since granite slide runs tend to go pretty low. There was no snow on the road to the upper put-in, so we drove all the way in and hiked about 1/2 mile down to the base of Dinkey Dome to start our run.

Leland hiking in to the base of Dinkey Dome.

We arrived at the creek to find a low but boatable flow, and put on for some fun drops before the big portage.

Andria on the first rapid - which surprisingly had a much softer landing than it looked like.

Andria on the third rapid.

Heading down toward the big gorge portage.

The portage is around a fairly disgusting deep vertical walled gorge with a couple of drops in it that cannot be run or portaged once you are in there. The portage is nice and easy over granite slab bedrock.

Portaging on the bedrock with the infinislide below.