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California Trip Report '07

Summer '07 is game-time for researching the River Gypsies' Guide - our first stop is California to check out some Sierra classics. Here's the report:

Giant Gap
The next day we got a but of a slow start, but shuttle was already set and the more commonly run Giant Gap was a known challenge for the day. We walked down the hill happy to not be carrying our boats at all, and suited up at the river.

Jim took this nice shot of Giant Gap from our campsite on the ridge.

Saying goodbye to Hudson and gearing up for another day on the river.

This is Jim on one of the early drops on the way into Giant Gap proper.

Here's Greg Speicher on one of the better rapids in the Gap This one was super fun.

Jim got this shot of me on the crux drop - Locomotive. The scout and portage involve leaving your boat on that small beach where that inflatable is and climbing the cliff wall where the guy is standing. At higher water, you have to clip your boats to a chain hanging from the wall and walk in waist deep water right above the drop, then begin climbing up the wall out of the river. That hole I am skirting also becomes horrid at those levels.

Jim and Greg in another fun one on the way out.

All in all we found Giant Gap to meet or exceed our expectations for California classics. It is a super-scenic, super quality class IV+ run with no portages. What an awesome day of it out there. Thanks to Greg, Wendy, and Jim for having us along on their Gaps mission!

Happy to have finished the Gaps, we still needed to finish the river, and began looking for a crew to run the next section down with - the classic Chamberlain Falls play run.