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BC Hydro Development - What's at Stake?

Now that I've told you about the destruction of one creek that isn't really good for kayaking and two more with park-n-huck drops, you're probably wondering what all of the fuss is about with this hydro development. The fuss is about this - like what happened to Rutherford Creek near Pemberton, and what is happening to the Ashlu right now, and the Ryan imminently, almost every great whitewater river of BC is under permit to be diverted for hydro. Here's a map showing how close classics like Rogers Creek are to destruction:

As hydro development moves up the lower Lillooet Valley, you can see that Rogers Creek is probably next in line now that they're finishing up Tipella, Fire, Stokke (never explored by paddlers), and Douglas (Tretheway seems to have a bye for now due to there being no road to the bottom). The power lines are already run through the valley.

Rogers Creek on our 2006 trip
This amazing place may be gone in a few years. Roads to the top and a major road at the bottom make Rogers a prime target.

It's not only creeks in the Lower Lillooet that are at risk. The same thing is going on up the Lillooet from Pemberton on the Ryan River, down in Squamish on the Ashlu, and has already ruined the Rutherford between Pemberton and Whistler. Although there is a moratorium on development in the Callaghan valley until after the 2010 winter games, I fear that my favorite class IV/V creek with the world's best 20 footer will soon fall victim to this as well, and one of the greatest kayaking destinations on the planet will be lost forever.

Dewatered Rutherford Creek with power plant in the background just north of Whistler.
This was a prime kayaking destination on our first two trips to BC in 2002 and 2003.

Sequence from this summer of me on my favorite waterfall - Callaghan Creek, BC:

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