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Strange Days in BC.

Arriving in BC, we quickly made our way to our favorite creek in the area - Callaghan. Callaghan is filled with great whitewater, and has a clean 15 footer and a clean 20+ footer right together. It's not a hair run, just the perfect place to relax and run some quality class IV/V with excellent waterfalls thrown in. The weather on this trip was hot and sunny, with the flows on the low side of medium for most of our stay in BC. Combined with its neighbor run the Upper Cheakamus (3 miles away), it's the perfect place for rusty creekers like us to get our groove back on.

Andria on the 15 footer.

Sequence of Andria on the world's best 20 footer:

One with the water for the soft landing!

Although the water was running on the local creeks, it was a solid month earlier than usual. This early runoff meant that there were virtually no other traveling boaters in the area, which made finding shuttles a challenge. The Cheakamus campsite which is usually filled with paddlers was mostly only occupied by us, the bears, and some local gypsies named Lance and Lynne whose company - Great Panes Window Cleaning - is washing the windows only a few hundred yards away in the newly built Athletes' Village for the 2010 winter games. We had a great time hanging with Lance and Lynne, but spent several of our days sitting around hoping to find shuttle.

Our gypsy window washer friends.

After a few days of Callaghan and Cheakamus fun mixed with days of waiting for paddling partners, we headed up to the lakes to check out a creek that we've been wanting to explore for years.

Off to adventure in the BC backwoods.

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