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American Whitewater Board Meeting - 2008

While I was on the road in 2007, I was contacted by a group of paddlers who wanted to nominate me for the AW board. I told them I would be happy to join if elected, but also flew out to California this May to attend a board meeting and decide whether it is something I'm interested in being a part of and a commitment that I can meet if elected. Here is a report from the meeting.

South Yuba Spill
I've been hearing for years that the class IV/V 49 to Bridgeport section on the South Yuba is one of the true classics of California. It usually runs on rain and low elevation snowmelt in winter and early spring, but high melt can cause the reservoir upstream to spill sometimes, and I planned a couple of extra days in Cali to try to catch it. When I arrived it was bad news - the low snowpack meant it probably wouldn't spill this year. A couple of SUPER hot days around the meeting brought a surprise spill, though, and I was able to catch 2 of the 3 spill days this year (the third was the day of the AW meeing). Even better, the first spill day I caught had enough water to catch the class V Purden's stretch just above it. I hooked up with Brad Brewer - a southern boy who moved out to California a few years back and is now the local man on the South Yuba. He knew some sweet lines and boofs, and it was great to get to paddle with him again. We caught Purden's all the way to Bridgeport the first day with a couple of his California buddies, and then 49-Bridgeport the second day with some Cali folks, Jason Hale, and AW board members Chris Bell and Eric Nies. What an amazing river - it totally lived up to the hype with boofs, boofs, and more sweet boofs!

Brad on Purden's.

South Yuba local Dieter (did I spell that right?) on Purden's.

Scott on Mr. Squiggles, an early rapid on 49-Bridgeport.

Brad firing off one of the many amazing boofs on 49-Bridge.

Brad in "Eat the Meat."

Scott on one of the later rapids.

It was a great trip to California, but at the end I was happy to be getting on a plane and heading back to Missoula to get ready for an 8 day trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon in Idaho. Check back for that trip report soon!