Full Color Outdoor Guidebooks

Brushy Mountain Publishing specializes in producing full color visually appealing guidebooks filled to overflowing with critical info to get you to and from the best places to play. We believe in putting out first rate books that will be as popular on the coffee table as they are on the dash board - and in making all the hard work worthwhile for the author/adventurers whose works we publish. Click on a book icon below to learn more about the books we offer.
The River Gypsies' Guide to North America
by Leland & Andria Davis
Road trip the right way with this guide to 294 rivers from 9 different paddling destinations across the continent. This guide will have all the info you need to get you to the rivers you don't want to miss on your trip, and will also be packed with logistical info on shuttles, camping, where to get a hot shower, and tons of other info to make your paddling road trip a smooth one.
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North Carolina Rivers & Creeks
by Leland Davis
A full color guide to 101 whitewater runs and playspots in Western North Carolina and the surrounding region.
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Western North Carolina Fly Guide
by J.E.B. Hall
A full color guide to 76 trout, smallmouth bass, and musky fly fishing streams in Western North Carolina and the surrounding area.
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